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41-43 Clarke Road, Springvale South 3172

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5th October, 2009

To Whom it may concern

This Kindergarten engaged in the services of Leisurescap Pro-Turf to lay artificial grass in our playground and I have been asked to write a testimonial which it is my pleasure to do so.

We are delighted with the end result, especially cutting in around the edges of the "fairy Garden" - a job other bussinesses would not do.

They also replaced the fences (at their cost) and the edging between the turf and the tanbark.

The preperation before hand was very thorough and we trust that this will ensure a long life of the turf with the hard wear and tear that it will endure here at the centre.

Alex Nikolov was as good as his word and came or rang when he said he would, which made it very easy for us to plan our day.

The end result looks superb and I would be only to happy for you to inspect the job during kinder hours or for you to ring me so that I can reaffirm how professional this company was. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex and his team.


Yours Faithfully

Joan Jay




Keja Pty Ltd T/a Leisurescape Pro-Turf
46 Grant Street

Colac  VIC 3250

Attn:  Jack Whitton

Re:  Installation of 55mm LS Premium Pro-Turf  at Cairns Avenue, Newtown

Dear Jack
What a pleasure it is to now have Leisurescape Pro-Turf as our front lawn and what a delight it has been to liaise with you throughout the process.
I particularly appreciated your style where your offered specific and even technical information in answer to my many and varied questions, followed by the supply of samples which I could use to help me arrive at a decision.  I found the photos of completed work helpful in offering me a visual picture of the impact of Leisurescape Pro-Turf over a larger surface area and the opportunity to visit a completed job gave me significant reassurance.  You never used sales pressure, but rather imparted terrific service with expansive product knowledge, which is such a rarity.  Your enthusiasm for Leisurescape Pro-Turf was truly contagious!
Can I use this opportunity to also reflect on the installation process at our home.  Your installers, Doug and Peter, worked efficiently as a harmonious duo.  Just as you had assured me, they took care with my garden beds and there was not a single plant or bloom damaged in the laying of the turf.  I was particularly impressed that they smoked away from the house and took their cigarette butts away with them.  They worked relentlessly on what was an extremely hot day with temperatures in the high 30’s and yet took no short cuts.  Again, as you had said they would, they cleaned up after their work in such a way that I was left with nothing to do other than stand back and admire my newly laid Leisurescape Pro-Turf.  Tremendously hard workers who reflect on and are clearly an extension of the business culture you promote.  Thank you all.
Lastly, Jack, can I say that it was delightful to have you stop by a couple of times throughout the laying process.  I valued your interest as I’m sure did your staff.  I respected the fact that you offered your personal support and assistance and at the same time created the opportunity to monitor progress throughout the day.  Moreover, during the hottest part of the day you chipped in and worked as part of the team to roll out and peg the turf.  Impressive!
It is no surprise then that we have a front garden laid with Leisurescape Pro-Turf which is simply gorgeous to look at because a high quality product has been installed using skilled personnel with expertise in their craft and pride in their workmanship which is clearly the consequence of your leadership.
Our purchase has exceeded our expectations.  Most appreciated.


Magda Micallef & Ivan Skibinski